With experience of more then 100 projects in the Manufacturing Engineering field. We have worked primarily for three large companies, but have experiences with many small companies as well.

We have extensive experience programming both CNC lathes, and CNC milling machines.

Using our experience in CNC Applications Engineering, we have been able to reduce some machine cycle times by as much as 98%.

We also have extensive experience creating CNC common programs for family of parts. By setting variables at the beginning of the program the setup person, or operator is able to change part sizes. This is useful for short runs, or low volume jobs.

Our experts have offered advice and assistance to numerous companies considering the introduction of CNC machining into their operations. We can offer advice on selection of entry level machinery, advancing to complex multifunction machines, selecting and training employees, tooling decisions, quality control procedures, cost control, and more.

Dr. Jayant Jamuar

A veteran in the field of metallurgy engineering, Dr Jamuar has been associated with many companies in senior management positions since 1978. He enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry and have many engineering accolades associated with him. He has also been instrumental in starting Gujarat chapter of ASM International and is currently the Chairman of its India National council. As an avid trainer, he enjoys teaching and training scholars at various business and engineering schools. His expertise lies in guiding greenfield engineering initiatives along with SPC, Lean, 5S, TQM, TPM, developing leadership and managing change at work place.