Our Computer Numerical Control(CNC) Consulting services are centered on providing innovative and cost effective solutions to address client specific business opportunities and challenges. Our services are principally focused in the following areas: Optimization of the CNC machining process, Tooling Solution (concept), Quality Control, FMEA, Process Reduction & complete shop floor managements system establishments. All this is done in collaboration with your team, and after taking them into confidence.

In addition to CNC, our associates draw expertise from the following fields, sub-specialties and industries:

Fields and sub-specialties:

  • Gauge Conceptualization and fixture conceptualization.
  • Operation management, total quality management, customer service quality improvement.
  • Strategic cost management (balanced score card), Employee training, coaching and leadership development.
  • Multidisciplinary research, survey development and analysis.


  • Automobile sector, CNC Ancillaries, Forging industries with CNC shop floor (Fortune 1000 as well as Small and Medium sized enterprises)
  • Key areas of expertise: CNC Management consulting, CNC operations management, Cost Reduction in CNC
  • Process, Tool cost Reduction